Thursday, July 14, 2005

Master end with Piceno food

morning meetings with Region expert and teachers asking questions about something they did not read (but they asked right questions, anyway, good teachers : ))). I gave the cd to everyone, included tutors and Albertone, gestore and owner of the toughest restaurant ever!! Lunch break dalle 2 alle 4, this time we deserved good bottles, not simply vino in caraffa. Briscola e fila 4. At 4, let's meet the press, sindaci ed istituzioni in Offida, belle presentazioni di lavori interessanti, at 7 let's have a bouffet together with Pecorino, Passerina and Lacrima, polenta con il truffle (il 13 luglio), stuffed olives, mixed cheeses, mixed desserts, ice vigna di cicciò.
Bella conclusione di un master forte con persone anche un po' matte.

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